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[sticky post] Chicks dig scars and acronyms


Most of my entries are friends-locked. You're welcome to add me for icon updates but I'll usually only add you back if I already know you.

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The F-Word call for comic book fans

This is annoying. For some reason, when I go to look at my own LJ, I view it as if I'm logged out. And apparently the last public entry I wrote was about menstrual cups. Huh.

I have started so many new entries since then and this still isn't a real one. But I thought that as there are quite a few comic book fans, who are also, um, women on my f'list, some of them might like to know that The F-Word are calling for comic book reviewers.
It's a pretty long-standing joke that there's a flickr group for pretty much every conceivable photographic need. I've been invited to add pictures to pools ranging from hibiscus flowers to the colour orange to 'girls wearing Converse'. Some I figure "why not?", some I just ignore.

Today's invite takes the biscuit:

You've been invited to add this photo* to the group Menstrual Cups

I'd say you couldn't make this stuff up but I don't entirely believe it isn't actually a joke.

*This is the photo in question (it's not a menstrual cup, don't worry). Not long after having had a conversation where a friend attempted to persuade us that the Mooncup is a better way, seeing the fierce debate on this sticker on the back of a toilet stall door just made me laugh.

Life as Ethnicity: Other

This is it.

This, an account by a half Indian, half white, Brit, is the closest thing I have ever read to my own experience as a culturally English, ethnically Chinese person.

And I realise that in one way, it's ridiculous to be so shocked and awed to have someone capture it so well, but I am.


A Photo a Day: February 2011

Oh my goodness, we're already a sixth through the year (give or take a couple of days).

February 2011

I am kind of expecting another month of cold weather before spring kicks in, especially as today was freezing again. In the meanwhile though, I am off to Spain in TWO days! I am so excited!

A Photo a Day: January 2011

Hooray! I have made it through my first month of daily photos!

Check 'em out.

January 2011

Merry Christmas, oh f'listers!

Oh Christmas Tree

As usual, I have been scant with the Christmas cards this year (um, I've written two) but I did get you some library books - just if you decide you want to get them out, you'll have to go to Cambodia.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas/general festive period with terrible amounts of overeating, plenty of booze and snoozing on warm sofas. We have a lot of cheese tonight, Beef Wellington tomorrow and I will be cooking up a storm of a roast lamb on Boxing Day (I hope.)

Be well everyone ♥

The LRB Personals

How have I never come across the Personals in the London Review of Books before?

Actually, that's a silly question. I've almost never read the LRB and even less often do I read Personals but having now come across them, they're an absolute joy to browse:

Female, 34. All own limbs. Seeks man with low priorities.

What I really want is a workshop with a lathe, but my flat’s not big enough. Desk worker M, 51, seeks F for turning.

Attractive 40 something F seeks solid, suited, salaried M. Fortunately I am none of these.

My therapist has given me such a good rate I can afford to indulge my bouts of infidelity and still deal elegantly with my guilt. Attached but unfaithful London male 60 seeks female counterpart. I promise an intensity of sexual joy unexpected in the LRB.

Sadly, I only discover them when apparently they are to be no more.



Has anyone else seen the fallout from the decision of Feministing to launch Decembrow? It's meant to be the equivalent to Movember, except to get women to try and grow a unibrow in order to raise money for charity. And I know, I know, never read the comments if you wish to retain any sort of faith in humanity but bloody hell! Judging by the reactions they're getting, you'd think they'd declared a Communist revolution rather than downing tweezers for a month:

Cut to protect you from idiotsCollapse )

Ai ya. People.

On my race and gender soapbox

I've been reading some interesting things lately and thought I'd share a few. Although, I may have got a little snippy writing this post. And by 'may', I mean I did and by 'snippy', I mean I got pissed off.

Hidden from public view: The experience of Chinese communities in Britain (PDF) (from ENARgy 34 - "Forgotten" ethnic minority groups and communities in EU policies and debates - PDF) - European Network Against Racism
A couple of alarming points:

  • Between one-fifth and one-sixth of the UK Chinese population has experienced racial harassment or violence. This is a higher proportion than the figure for any other ethnic minority in England.

  • Chinese people between the ages of 16-30 were more likely to face racial violence than other groups.

a bit of a race rantCollapse )

On a less depressing but relevant note, for their Christmas season, H&M have some new in-store banner adverts with a pair of East Asian models. I literally did a double-take, this is how rarely I see this.

on media reflecting the real worldCollapse )

My feminist chatter involves both ups and downs, politics, science and a Scottish campaign video.

two steps back, one step forward on the women's frontCollapse )

a writing exercise to remove the gender gapCollapse )

take back the tech!Collapse )

*Collapse )