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funky dory

tomorrow's a new day

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Kati, Kat, Katherine, Kitty, Katrina, Katikins, Katling, Katatonic, KitKat. Never Kathy.

Joss-Whedon fanatic coupled with a Veronica Mars obsessive. Sporadic icon-maker. Pretentious indie kid wannabe whose aspiration remains unfulfilled due to an enduring love for a good slice of pop. Christian (pitch forks down, please). Financial journalist/office monkey by day, writer-in-progress by extremely late night. Mid-twenties with delusions of still being not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman. Reluctantly growing up.
Clapton, Hackney, London, England. Rule Britannia etc. etc.
Primarily, the companion LJ for Funky Dory Icons where you can be kept up to date on the newest creations. Feel free to friend if it's icon updates you're here for.

Here are all the resources made by those lovely, generous and no doubt, sexy makers out there.

All user pics are made by me unless otherwise stated. People are welcome to help themselves to them. I love comments and credit to xfunkydoryx is much appreciated. All my icons can be found at Funky Dory or right here.

Secondly, the usual diary-type ramblings. A lot of fandom waffle, generally public; some real-life gabble, virtually all of it f-locked. I'll usually only friend back if I know you but if I do, comment here and I will :)
Icons are mostly Veronica Mars and Whedon-verse (Angel: the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity) with a smattering of How I Met Your Mother, Lord of the Rings, Coupling, Harry Potter, X-Men and varying films and celebrities.
I make icons sporadically and don't tend to post them until I have a decent sized amount. For the impatient, the site gets updated a lot more often in smaller batches.

Veronica Mars mood theme by me. Help yourself, but comment and credit would be appreciated.

This week, I 'ave mostly been listening to: